Friday, May 29, 2009

Hiding Notes Section from Notes tab from CRM Form

If you hit this post, then most probably you were looking to hide Notes Section/Notes Tab. However there is a CRM limitation of having only 8 tabs per form[It can be overridden though].
So sometimes you might want to use that notorious Notes tab but then you don't want users to see Notes field in there.
So here is a one line of code which takes care of it. Just copy paste it on the Form Load of your entity form and it should do the rest
= "none";

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Removing System Locked Section from CRM Form

This is one interesting and as usual unsupported solution that will help you to remove a system locked section from CRM form. Kindly note that I do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong with this approach.

Please take backup of your customization before you try this. Here is a step by step guide to remove a system locked section.

1. Export Service Appointment entity.[Take a backup of the zip file you just exported].
2. Extract content of the zip file -> customization.xml.
3. Open the xml in your favourite xml editor. You can use Notepad or Visual Studio to keep it simple.
4. locate the following section "scheduling information"
<section name="scheduling information" showlabel="true" showbar="true" locklevel="1" id="<GUID>" IsUserDefined="0" layout="varwidth" columns="11">change locklevel 1 to 0.
5. Once you have done it, import the customization back to CRM.
6. Open the Form.
7. Move Start Time and End Time to a choice of your section. You can Duration and All Day Event as well.
8. Remove the section.
9. Preview and Test.

In case things do not work as expected, use the backup and restore the entity.