Monday, March 17, 2008

What??? A Chinese Stealth Bomber? You must be kiddin me...

Just read this article on here about a Chinese stealth bomber... could not believe my self and look at the FEW interesting details... it has a range of 11K KMs non-stop without refuelling[This one scares me... as well as America :D]. It can fly at Mach 1.2 or 1.4[WAKE UP GUYS... that is 1470 KM/H to 1715 KM/H]. It can carry twelve Stealth cruise missiles (each with a range of 3,000 km) on each of the two weapons bays. It could carry an additional three nuclear missiles (350-kilotons each) apart from these here are few more points which makes this one a stealth bomber[Its only second of its class in the world after US].
-high-tech blended wing [Stealth, difficult to trace in radar]
-body design-fly-by-wire controls [Most of the modern air crafts are FBW IE most of the operations are executed by supporting computers]
-angled fuselage [Stealth]
-internal fuel tanks [Stealth]
.-carbon fiber and composite materials[Stealth]
-rotating weapons profile bay
-mapping radar, satellite data links and advanced digital mapping systems
-nanometer coating

Now...let's wait n watch... 'cause this one is something that imbalances the military power equation between China and India and I am really eager what we have in pocket to answer this one.
PS: While making this post, I had to take references from many places as I am not that dude-who-knew-it-all so I opened many IE tabs in one instance of IE... and I have one question to the world : Why IE Sucks?... uhh.. the question is not ended there..dude.. I meant.. memory.. :D