Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The DoomsDay Launch

I was more than happy when we were about to launch a Project, we'll call it Project X, everything was fine, it's very well tested in Testing environment, but we never know when things can go wrong. At the day of launching we deployed that Project X to the Servers and it broke within matter of seconds. Well! we stayed till late night and we fixed it and came home, however, what I saw at that time was : Lack Of Communication between counterparts of the organization. The actual story that came out was we were configuring a test setup instead of the real one, so whatever changes we made were done on test setup only 'cause we were not informed that it was a test setup. When an enterpise grows, people have to learn effective communication methods that keeps everyone involved on a same page. I am not saying that we were not wrong, no we were not informed. Without adequate information it'll be difficult for anyone to go ahead and deploy projects like this. but afterall we learned new things, things that will help us in future when we deploy projects. Moral of the story is : When you are gonna do something, DOCUMENT it, inform concerned people about the things you are going to do. DO NOT make Assumptions or it'll come back to you.