Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Brand New Cool Hotmail Domains

I was surfing.. yeah...at ..5 in the morning what else do you expect?.. and I found that Microsoft has launched this kewl site : http://www.coolhotmail.com/. It allows you to create a Microsoft Windows Live Mail Id with a custom domain name.
I've created a list of all of them and 3 hidden domain names also.(Check out the source code of the page to see what I mean by that). The hidden(but visible in my list below) domain names are : appyfizz.in, gobingo.in and bemyself.in. I am not sure whether this will work for existing A/C or not, but sure its a boon for new users. I also liked the way they have put the UI and color elements. A must see for web developers.

Where I Live?Who I Like?Who I Am?What I Like?I Don't Fit - II Don't Fit - II
bangalorerocks.in clubaamir.com iamgood.in iloveyoga.in apunkaid.com ontheedge.co.in
chennairocks.in clubabhishek.com iamhot.in ilovetennis.in clickass.in soupedup.in
delhirocks.com clubabhishek.in iammarried.in ilovesoccer.in coolmail.co.in clingonbling.co.in
punerocks.in clubaishwarya.com iamsingle.in iloveshuttle.in samepinch.in jamnation.in
punerocks.com clubaishwarya.in iamsizzling.com iloveshuttle.com samepinch.co.in ufoff.co.in
mumbairocks.in clubamitabh.com iamsizzling.in iloveoldmonk.com koolmail.in drunkfunk.in
mumbaimail.in clubamitabh.in iamcold.in ilovechess.in koolmail.co.in flemgems.co.in
kolkatarocks.in clubasin.com iambald.in ilovefootball.in heybaby.in crazyflamingo.co.in
iliveinmalabarhill.in clubasin.in iambad.in ilovegoafeni.com gobingo.in laughterclub.in
iliveingoa.com clubdhoni.com martinian.in ilovegolf.in bemyself.in freakyfridays.co.in
hyderabadrocks.in clubdhoni.in boscoite.com ilovehockey.in charsaubees.com gumgang.mobi
goarocks.in clubdravid.com globallyunique.in ilovekabbadi.com individuality.in hangoveradda.co.in
goarocks.com clubdravid.in dangerouslyhigh.in ilovekabbadi.in itsaboutme.in gullidandagang.mobi
goaisbliss.com clubhrithik.com bungeejumper.in ilovecars.in itsmychoice.in Ruleatwork.co.in
goagoagoa.com clubhrithik.in goballistic.in ilovebikes.in iwanttobeme.in Breaktherules.co.in
emailmumbai.com clubjyothika.com imjustadreamer.in ilovebhavans.in leavemealone.in Pindropsilence.co.in
delhirocks.in clubjyothika.in slipperysadhu.in ilovebasketball.in mememe.in medco.co.in
metroonmove.in clubkajol.com trancemusiclovers.in ilovebadminton.in memyself.in wicom.co.in
delhi4u.in clubkajol.in lover4life.co.in vadapaavrocks.in mogambokhushhua.com pinacle.co.in
delhiden.mobi clubkamal.com jinxed4ever.net appyfizz.in pocketmaar.com hellstuck.co.in
delhifevers.in clubkamal.in partyanimals.co.in Footballfever.co.in shri420.in ringtring.co.in
unwinddelhi.in clubkareena.com ndanuts.co.in stumped.co.in thatswhoiam.in Neversaydie.co.in
delhihaatrocks.in clubkareena.in ministryofsoundlovers.mobi hittiewicket.co.in wassup.co.in bhaagambhag.co.in
salaamdelhi.in clubpreity.com Underpaid.co.in onetuppie.co.in freaknetwork.in headsyatails.co.in
dillidilwaloki.co.in clubpreity.in Overworked.co.in squarecut.co.in dancefreak.in mastblast.co.in
dillimanch.co.in clubrajni.com Bornleader.co.in chauka.co.in feelthebeat.in iamwhatiam.in
saddidillibindas.mobi clubrajni.in Peoplesperson.co.in pitchcontrol.co.in coldsweat.in ilovefuel.com
rugbyrocks.in berealistic.co.in ilovefuel.in

'Office Live Workspace' Announced

Hurrray... I was so much tired of Google's Online Spreadsheet.. that I stopped using it... at all..and now... here it comes.. just check it out.. you will have to wait for a while.. but yes.. you can pre-register...so go ahead... hit it hard...I am damn sure that UI is gonna be 1000 time better than the Google one...
Just check out the screenshots for registration and basic info.

Click here to go for Office Live Workspace.